About the Authors

The Worlds Unknown is the first book of Niranjanan Prajith and Deekshith Divakaran.

“The Worlds Unknown is our first book, we published it when we were at high school and it marked the begining of our wrting careers.”

“Right from when we were at high school, we were working on many scientific ideas and finally decided to put everything together and write a book. As the topic we chose alien life, a fascination that most of us would have stumbled upon in some point of our lives.”

We are both science bloggers from India, we regularly write on our blog Futurestica (futurestica.com) and also on our monthly magazine, Transcendence (transcendence.futurestica.com).

We are highly passionate science enthusiasts, we just do everything related to science, technology, innovation and in some ways even entrepreneurship.

“This book, being our first one, shows all signs of amateur writing. But I really believe that we were able to preserve the value of the content despite the lack of professionalism in the writing style”